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My Car Spin out Overview
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Span the car ona corner hit the curbs and then went into a lil garden wall
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Uploader: Zetec-Boyo1234
Date: Jan 7 2009, 10:54 PM
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Posted by Zetec-Boyo1234 -
Post #2
it was worse off than that tho
all the chassie or sumin was twisted cost a fair few pounds to fix!
wasnt my fault tho! i was only goin 30 kid runs out i broke hard ona sharp wet bend and swereved manageing to miss him but sent my car spinning into a 2 curbs and a wall ! atleast i didnt hit the kid tho feww

Posted by Dunk -
Post #1
Thanks for that one liner!

I'd suggest if you've managed to do that at age 17 in a Fez 1.25, modding for speed or power is not the most sensible idea! 2005 '05' BMW 330Ci, 231bhp, 0-60 6.7secs

Extras: SatNav + TV, Harman Kardon, Bluetooth, Electric Folding Mirrors.

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