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20,000 mile service!
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Jul 24 2002, 12:00 AM
Post #1 20,000 mile service! Edit Quote
saviour of slough
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Oh boy am I angry. I really wish another car company has made the z-s coz a certain garage in my area are doing my nut in!
My car was looked at way back in April to have the steering wheel looked at and my drivers seat cover replaced. But everytime I asked em about it - "the parts aren't in yet".
Today they tell me that the parts came in ages ago and it was my fault for not showing up! If they'd told me I would of shown up.

They changed my brake pads without asking me! So I'm either having them free or asking for my old ones back (which were fine anyway), plus they seem to of added something called caliper kit B???? what the hell is that and did they ask me? NO!

Also I asked them to look at a noise my light was making (the black box in the cluster needed replacing) but they didn't bother!!!!!!!!!

I've made a formal complaint and I'm going in tomorrow after the customer relations lady phones me. Hopefully everything will be sorted, I'll get my money back from the pads and I can never ever go back there again!!!!!!!
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Nov 9 2006, 5:00 PM
Post #2 u poor sod Edit Quote

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if i was u mate i would name and shame local paper trading standards. u put your trust them and this is wat happens
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Aug 7 2007, 10:46 AM
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That wouldnt happen to be sky ford in watford would it????
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