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ISTS 2009 - Xmas Offer
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Dec 4 2008, 11:30 AM
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It’s that time of year when the show season comes to an end & we can relax again for 5 mins! But not for too long as we’ll all be planning & getting ready for a busy 2009!

Live Promotions Events are proud to announce for 2009 the return of this year’s tuning shows, along with a brand new show for those in the north. Adding to our already established shows ISTS, JTS, AutoTuner & DONNY we bring you Modified & Performance North East. Details regarding all our shows will soon be announced & sent out.

In the mean time, with the current credit crunch, we’ve put together a discount opportunity to benefit everyone thinking of coming along to ISTS 2009…

ALL adult ISTS tickets pre-booked, before December 31st, will receive a £10.00 discount per ticket.
So that means…

Weekend Club Cars/Drivers will only pay £20 per person (not £30)
Weekend Club Passengers will only pay £25 per person (not £35)
Day Tickets will only be £12 per person (not £22*)
VIP Day Tickets will only be £20 per person (not £30*) &
Public Weekend Camping will only be £45 per person (not £55*)

But this is strictly a limited time only offer so don’t think about it too long lol. Maybe a good opportunity for a Christmas present!

For further information regarding this or any of our tuning shows just contact myself or call our office.

Facebook links…


*on the day price only!
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Dec 9 2008, 7:59 PM
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talk about forward planning!
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